United Group sees pre-poll rigging

ISLAMABAD (PPI): United Group on Sunday alleged pro-poll rigging by the ruling group of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) and asked authorities to take note of the situation.

The ruling group in ICCI has started negative tactics ahead of annual elections while candidates from the opposition are being denied of the required information, it said in a statement.

A mafia has taken over ICCI three decades ago which is winning the election through negative tactics, said Shahid Shinwari, leader of United Group. He said that there are over 2500 members in the ICCI but hardly seven to eight hundred members cast their votes as the majority avoid voting due to disappointment.

Shinwari said: “Violation of merit and wastage of resources has upset the majority of the members of ICCI which suits the qabza group. We have been trying to improve the situation and introduce reforms but the pace is slow due to non-cooperative attitude of the ruling group comprising few families.”

“ICCI leaders seem only interested in continued legacy, photo sessions, and parties while the plight of the business community has never bothered them.

The coronavirus has taken a toll on the trading community, businesses are on the brink while taxes are being increased but ICCI has conveniently ignored the problem disappointing the business community of the Capital city,” he said.

He said that all the members of ICCI should participate in the upcoming election to defeat the mafia and bring their representatives to power who will represent them properly and play a positive role in resolving their.

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