MOU signed between Amir S. Chinoy Group and Urban Forest Coalition

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The Amir S. Chinoy Group, represented by the Chairperson Pakistan Cables Ltd, Mustapha A. Chinoy and the Urban Forest Coalition represented by Chief Coordinator Shahzad Qureshi, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) recently. This MoU is a form of mutual commitment in complimenting each other’s duties and function in the perspective of promoting tree coverage in Karachi, particularly in urban forest development and management.
“The Amir S. Chinoy Group has actively promoted green initiative through its companies. Pakistan Cables Urban Forest, which is the largest Miyawaki based Urban Forest in Pakistan, is one such example. We are proud to partner with the Urban Forest Coalition to further the cause of a greener Karachi”, said Mustapha A. Chinoy.
The MOU will leverage each entities comparative advantage to support and promote environmental conservation by undertaking tree planting in various parts of Karachi and contribute towards the city landscape. “It is imperative that we synergize our strengths and take on the challenge of Climate Change together to help our future generations. Amir Chinoy Group has taken the lead in demonstrating its seriousness about creating a Green Cover in the City of Karachi by establishing the largest Miyawaki Forest at their factory and committing to all support for the Urban Forest Coalition which will greatly help in mobilizing large scale plantation in the city.”
The Amir S. Chinoy Group’s history began when its founder Amir S. Chinoy, a visionary entrepreneur, laid the foundation of International Industries Limited (IIL) in 1948, followed by Pak Chemicals Ltd in 1951 and then Pakistan Cables Ltd (PCL) in 1953. In 2007, International Steels Limited (ISL) was set up as a green field project. The Amir S. Chinoy Group has retained its pioneering spirit and has continuously evolved by offering world class products and services, foreign collaborations and commitment to customer service.

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