Salaam Takaful launches MTO for Madaris graduates

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Salaam Takaful Limited, the largest dedicated general takaful operator and the only shariah compliant insurtech in Pakistan, is once again pioneering new frontiers in the region with its seminal Management Trainee Program for all madaris graduates inclusive of Ulema & Aalimas, Mufti’an e karaam and all Shariah related disciplines. With the vision to not only provide the ever-needed support to graduates of Dars-e-Nizami, but to be an exemplary enterprise for the whole industry when it comes to upholding the true essence of shariah in Islamic finance in general and takaful in particular, Salaam Takaful Limited launched this initiative being anther instance which is a first of its kind in Pakistan.
This special MTO program is designed to provide madaris graduates with the opportunities to become a part of the corporate world and contribute to Pakistan’s economy while serving their true calling of shariah implementation. Launching the initiative, the MD and CEO of Salaam Takaful Limited stated “We feel that there is huge potential in these kids, and if provided with the right direction they can and will become the comprehensive contributing citizen of our society. What better platform than an Islamic financial institute where they can fully utilize their learning as well as gain the most valuable exposure towards working of a financial institute. Salaam Takaful takes deep pride in taking ground breaking initiatives that are not only expected to accelerate the business processes but create a more future-focused and resilient working environment for the society at large.”
Salaam Takaful Limited has ventured into unchartered territories numerous of times. Their huge investments toward developing a robust infrastructure to become the leading shariah compliant insurtech, launching innovative products and solutions and also providing extra value to their policyholders through an exclusive mobile app, this MTO program is also an unprecedented initiative which cements it position as the true emerging leader in the Islamic financial industry.

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