Monthly Gas Statistics

Monthly Gas Statistics

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WASHINGTON: The latest IEA’s Monthly Gas Statistics report including September 2021 data shows that for Total OECD:      

Production of natural gas increased by 5.1% compared to September 2020.  

Imports (entries)1 of natural gas were 1.7% higher on a year-on-year basis, and total OECD exports (exits)1 increased by 7.9% in the same period. 

Gross consumption of natural gas decreased by 4.9% in September 2021 on a year-on year basis.            

1Transit volumes are included. Trade amounts include intra-regional trade.

The IEA’s Monthly Natural Gas Statistics features natural gas production, consumption, total imports and total exports for all OECD Member countries, and natural gas pipeline and LNG trade by origin and destination for all OECD Regions. The latest dataset is available below in PDF or Excel.

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