Appeal filed against Koons Motors

Appeal filed against Koons Motors

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Arlington, Virginia: An appeal was filed in Disreict Court Arlington against Koons Motors by Plaintiff, Muhammad.

According to details, in case number GV21001984-00 an appeal was filed by Muhammad against Koons Motors in District Courts Arlington accusing the car dealership of several charges. It is pertinent to mention here that in this case, Muhammad has been representing himself without an attorney, whereas Koons Motors is being represented by their attorney, Evan Stepanick.

During last hearing, the judge did not accept a few documents which were presented by Muhammad because they were not presented according to the law. While talking to this correspondent Muhammad said that he will make sure that in next hearings he will follow the legal guidelines and will even hire services of an attorney who can represent him in a much better way. 

According to the Bill of Particulars which were filed in the court by Muhammad, he claims that Koons Car dealership did a breach of contract by not exchanging his vehicle on the fifth day of his purchase whereas the dealership had advertised on the windows of their vehicles that they have a 7 days exchange policy and that he (Muhammad) was told by the salesman of Koons, Mr Naji that they (Koons) have a seven days exchange policy to purchase any new or used vehicle while exchanging within a week. 
Muhammad further stated in this Bill of Particulars that after intervention by the Virginia Attorney General office, the Saif Koons dealership in Tyson Corner Virginia called him after two weeks and told that he can come and exchange the vehicle.

“The Afghan Sales Manager lied on oath in court” Muhammad told his correspondent and said that after refusal to exchange my car on fifth day of my purchase I never called the dealership again and I only had complained to the Virginia Attorney General office. 

Muhammad told this scribe that he had told the court earlier that because he was Pakistani and the Koons Sales Manager was Afghan and had a dislike for his origin, he refused to exchange his vehicle on the fifth day of his purchase. “One of the most beautiful thing in America is that here the law prohibits discrimination on basis of ethnicity or religion and employees of Koons discriminated on both of these things” Muhammad said.  Muhammad further added that “the Afghan Manager disliked me so much that even his own Sales Person was surprised and he told me that the his Manager is usually very nice to Muslims and he wonders why he was treating me like this.”  

Muhammad also has accused the dealership of Steering in his Bill of Particulars stating that when he came to exchange his vehicle after two weeks, he was given option to choose between two used vehicles to purchase, whereas he wanted to purchase a new vehicle, for which he already had approved funding. “The court did not approve my document of the contract which was given to me by Koons because I did not submit it in legal manner” Muhammad said. He further said that it’s against the very principle of ethics not to accept a document which one has given themselves just because it’s not submitted in the right away. “Companies should have ethics and moral courage to stand for what they do. Their (Koons) own contract says that you can exchange a vehicle within a week for any new or used vehicle” Muhammad stated.

Muhammad also stated that one of his witness who was the sales person of Koons dealership did not appear as witness although he was Subpoena by him but he will make sure that during next hearing, his presence is assured in the court. “I will make sure to not repeat these legal mistakes and will probably hire legal attorneys.”

Muhammad while showing his annoyance at Koons dealership stated that they didn’t even take into consideration that he was Handicap. “I told them since day one that I was handicap and that due to my health I can not take too much stress” Muhammad said. 

He further said that he was a repeat customer of Koons but from their different dealership in Arlington, who treats him very nicely since last five years. “I tried my best to settle this issue in an amicable way but Koons is taking a stand on the illegalities of their staff and that is what is bothering me the most” Muhammad asserted. 
 “I gave them (Koons Tyson GMC) great business that day, I sold them one car and I purchased another, then why was I treated was bad” Muhammad wondered. 

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