Muhammad, an Amazing AA of Redfin

By: Nicholas Mayar 

While I was looking at properties in Washington DC with my niece, I was amazed at the diverse team of Real Estate Agents that Redfin offers. There was a White agent, Black, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Russian and Asian Agent that showed us properties in Washington DC. They were all called Associate Agents in Redfin and I found them all to be amazing and professional individuals. 

One such Associate Agent of Redfin that we met was Muhammad Afridi and he told us that he was born in Khyber Agency of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. I could not believe the customer service and professionalism which Muhammad showed us. At the same time I was so grateful to be born in American, a country which refines and reshapes so many communities and these communities make America a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Muhammad made me realize how grateful we should be for the transparency and equality in this country. He told us that in Redfin they are regularly taught never to talk about race, religion or even neighbourhood schools. I never knew that. I thought people just tell their Realtors whether they want to be in Black, White or Asian neighbourhood and the Realtors help them find their desired property. 

My niece and I met Muhammad on two different occasions and on both occasions we felt like we were with somebody who cared about us. Muhammad never pushed us like most salesmen do and above all the most beautiful thing he said was that he wants to be part of this beautiful memory, my niece buying her first home. I have met many Realtors in my life but nobody has ever said such a beautiful thing. 

I am writing this piece to tribute Redfin for hiring agents like Muhammad and the others whom we met. Redfin truly represents what America stands for. A country where no matter where you come from or what religion or ethnicity you belong to, if you work hard and if you are sincere to your work, success will come to you. After meeting Muhammad, I don’t think any Real Estate company in America even comes close to Redfin. Bravo. 

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