Starbucks once again accused of racial discrimination

F.P Record

Virginia: Coffee giant Starbucks is once again accused of racial discrimination and the victim is planning to take Starbucks to court in this regard.  

A customer name Muhammad had lodged complaint with Starbucks management regarding couple of its staff members in one of its location in Arlington Virginia.  Instead of satisfying Muhammad’s  grievances the said branch banned the customer and refused to serve him coffee. 

While talking to The Frontier Post, Muhammad said that he had lodged complaint with Starbucks management regarding the service he was getting at one of its branch in Arlington, Virginia. Muhammad also said that the management of Starbucks had assured him that they will take necessary action in this regard. 

Muhammad further said that few days later when he went to get coffee from the same branch, he was told that he is banned and that they can not serve him coffee. 

It is pertinent to mention here that since last few years, several cases of discrimination has surfaced against Starbucks and the company has faced sever blow to its business and reputation across the country. The company instead of training its staff properly continue to be accused of discrimination charges and face legal battles. 

Muhammad is also among the several who said that he will be taking Starbucks to court and make sure that the company changes its attitude towards customers of different race and color and treat them fairly and equally.

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